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Cold Cake Files

Cold Cake Files

Step into a world where food meets mystery with Cold Cake Files! Our innovative Who-Dunit games invite players to become detectives and solve cold cases while indulging in America's favorite pastime - food. Unlike other mystery games, our personalized and immersive experiences are meticulously crafted for authenticity. Each game is rigorously tested by Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community professionals, ensuring a realistic and thrilling adventure. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat & prepare to uncover the truth with Cold Cake Files!

Carrot Conspiracy

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Carrot Conspiracy Clue 1

Why would a serial killer commit these crimes?

Carrot Conspiracy Clue 2

Who was impacted the hardest by the white collar crimes of Peter?

Carrot Conspiracy Clue 3

Who could easily blend in at the Wellness Resort to commit this crime?

Carrot Conspiracy Resolution


Who: Gambovese Family

What: Poison - Tetrodotoxin (Pufferfish Poison)

When: At dinner on Sunday

Where: His body reacted in the sauna due to moisture leaving his body and concentration of the poison

Why: Loss of wealth, devastating this Mafia family’s business

Mocha Murder

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Mocha Murder Clue 1

What changes are occurring in the business of the coffee industry? How would this help/hurt the killer?

Mocha Murder Clue 2

In the South, using one’s middle name for their primary name is common.

Mocha Murder Clue 3

Who indirectly seems to gain the monetary prize from the US Barista Competition?

Mocha Murder Resolution

Who: Bella, Marie Annabelle Kensington

What: Cyanide Poisoning from apple seeds and bitter almond shells

When: 11/07/2019 Evening

Where: Frankie Peter’s Hotel Room

Why: The Kensington Farm has been undergoing financial hardships, and Matt winning would save the farm

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S'More Deaths

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S'More Deaths Clue 1

Why would a serial killer commit these crimes?

S'More Deaths Clue 2

Are there any mentions of serial killer traits?

S'More Deaths Clue 3

Who has the ability to escape these investigations?

S'More Deaths Resolution

Who: Wyatt Jack Smith 

What: Various methods

When: Various dates

Where: Camp Heart Soul Mind

Why: Mental state of a Serial Killer